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How to Prepare for a Trek?

A trekking trip stays for a long time in your memory because trekking is fun and exciting. However, it involves a lot of walking. And it is easy to get tired. So, it is essential to prepare for a trek. Some people do not give enough importance to preparation.

Here is how to prepare for a trek.

Do Some Training

How are the terrain and paths? Training helps you deal with the ground, temperatures, fatigue, physical exertion, and altitude. Start training a few months before your trip. Training builds your stamina. Building your strength helps you maintain a steady pace for several hours.

Clothing and Equipment

Pick the right clothing and equipment for your trekking trip. If you are trekking for several hours, wear hiking boots. The trekking guide company provides clothing and equipment lists. So, follow their recommendations. The basics include spare batteries, camera, backpack, outdoor clothing, etc.

Walking Poles

It is hard to trek without walking poles. However, getting used to them is hard. Incorporate walking poles to your training. Trekking poles take off some weight while you are walking down. Also, you can use your walking pole to trace your path when you are trekking.


It is better to prepare for the unexpected because anything can happen when you are trekking. You may fall ill. Therefore, carry medication for dealing with common ailments such as coughs, sinusitis, bronchitis, frequent colds, and diarrhea. It is better to go trekking prepared. Getting sick may shorten your trekking trip.

You now know how to prepare for a trek. Trekking is not easy. It is hard, especially if you have not been walking. Therefore, training is essential. Train your legs because you will walk for several hours. Start training several months before going for your trekking trip. And train with walking poles because you will use them.